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Secured Collateral. Solid Management. Above Average Returns. Proven Track Record.

Principal protection and strong returns.
At Zinc Income Fund, we offer both.

We specialize in purchasing RISC (Retail Installment Sales Contracts) secured by vehicles. In today’s climate an exceptional opportunity exists for above average returns, with secured 1st position liens on motor vehicles. As such ZINC, as the platform, the conduit, and exemplary track record through proven results for its investors to offer this rare opportunity that, through a carefully managed process, enables investors to generate a high return for its investors while realizing secured asset protection for their principle.

Here's how it works:

  • Underwriting.

    ZINC Auto Finance, an affiliate of Zinc Income Fund, purchases automobile RISC contracts only under strict underwriting guidelines, careful collateral evaluations, and strict borrower due diligence.
  • Collections.

    ZINC has a strong commitment to collateral and borrower underwriting and proactive collection procedures which maximizes the value of the loan and, if necessary, the repossessed collateral.
  • Connections.

    ZINC maintains a solid relationship with organizations that have deep relationships with franchise and non-franchised independent used car dealers throughout carefully selected regions in the United States.
  • Technology.

    Development and refinement of information technology (IT) capabilities to monitor and service RISCs, including GPS devices that let us know where the car is and remote starter interrupt devices to disable the vehicle until payment is made on the vehicle.